I have always enjoyed baking, from as far back as I can remember – the youngest of five girls growing up on a farm in Upstate NY, I would help my Mother in the Kitchen measuring the flour & sugar for her while she taught me all about her style of baking. Although my path did not always include cake decorating in my earlier years, I always baked. Being a Mother of four children, baking was always something I did, from school activities for the kids, to Birthdays, Holiday’s to just baking cookies to keep the kids busy on rainy days.. I was always in the Kitchen.

My beginning into Cake Decorating was a passion for me right from the start. I was just amazed at viewing Beautiful Cakes.. I would just stare at photo’s of Cakes wondering how in the world they were even conceived less created.. then it began, my own personal mission- I had to learn more. Being of little income ( very little) I had to teach myself & that’s what I set out to do. I started reading, watching videos, taking online classes, it was the beginning of a love-hate relationship – me and cake. I would choose a cake design and say to myself (I am going to make that cake) well the end results in the beginning were not always very successful, I can say I’ve made some very strange looking cakes… giggle, but it was a progressive learning process. At times I’d say “I just give up” I am just awful at making cakes, I have no business doing this, I’m not professionally trained, I don’t have much talent and everything costs to much money… and I believed that ( for about a day) I never could get the passion out of my system. I was in a fight, a battle to be able to actually finish something I had started, to “NOT give up” to push myself harder than I ever had before.. I knew what I wanted to become, I just didn’t know how to get there.

That was just over 4 years ago. I have taken a passion. a love, and managed not only to be good at it, but Thank God, Love it.  My dream was never to have a big fancy shop ( well maybe for a little while) but to have my own business where I could do what I loved doing.  And that’s what I have. I own a very small cake shop that is located on our own land. I walk to work everyday. I only do a few cake orders a year.   I also market products for a very small commission and that little bit of income helps me pay my bills and let’s me continue to do what I love. So if you see a tool, a class or product listed on my website, know that in buying it from my site, Some of them to actually pay me a little commission and you have helped me.

(Thank you ^.^)


I am still learning everyday. each day is a new challenge, or opportunity to do better, learn more & grow. I have good days & bad days just like you, the thing is- is Not to Give Up!!! You’ll know in your heart if you’re on the right path. So if you’re new to cake decorating and wanting to learn more. here you’ll find lot’s of resources that I used along my own journey – also as I learn I’ll share.. so in a way we’ll be learning together.

I’m Teaching at CakeFair 2017 this October in Orlando Florida.

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My very small cake shop and it’s History

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We are still a long way from having my shop done. but we do a little bit as we can.  We save a little and go get what we need. So if your space isn’t just want you need right now either, be patient… it will get there.  Best Advice is to take as many classes as you can, watch videos & keep trying, I’ve posted a lot of the resources that I’ve used along the way and Still use. To sign up with ( just click on Learning On-line) you’ll find links to some of the Best Learning Tools available- ( currently in editing)


So Excited to have been on Season 2 of Cake Wars on Food Network ! We had so much fun & met so many New Friends. Check out our Episode Soon HERE

Featured on SugarEd Productions 


My Skills & expertise 

I am trained extensively with several cake decorating mediums- Buttercream, Fondant, Gum-paste, Pastillage, Molding Chocolate and isomalt. I also hand make gum-paste Flowers, work with sugar sheets & wafer paper, edible dusts, & hand painted cakes & sculpted cakes.

I have made over 200 cakes, from simple birthday cakes to one of a kind Competition show pieces. Cakes that have intricate designs or moving parts to cakes that light up or even play music. I have appeared on The Food Networks Cake Wars and on live Studio 62.  I am a member of Ices South Carolina and I am currently  Teaching & working on my own cake decorating educational videos. We are also starting our own line of cake decorating molds.

I have completed over 50 educational classes on select cake decorating designs from some of the World’s Top Cake Decorators, Paul Bradford, Alan Dunn, Yeners Way, Wendy Kromer & many more…

I enjoy creating Specialty One of a Kind Cakes. Wedding Cakes I enjoy making the most. When a client gives me a few ideas for their Wedding Cake and gives me creative control – I’d have to say that is when my style shines the most. I am not in the business of recreating other cake designers work- I don’t find it challenging at all when a client send me an image of a cake design and says.. can you make this. I do like it as a suggestion.. but in general – If asked, I’d rather pass.  I’m looking for Clients who are looking for Totally Unique One of a Kind Cake Designs.

I do not typically take orders for cupcakes, cake pops or cake orders under 25 servings. Although I enjoy making all types of different orders, I focus my business on larger cakes & occasions such as Weddings, Business Functions and large gatherings.    The more ornate the cake design- the more I want to do it! Average Cake order starts at $170.00 in that please note you’re  getting a freshly made, one of a kind created work of Art that not many in this area can do- and do well. I offer a unique service 

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Craftsy Cake Decorating Class

Some of my Favorite Cakes designs 

Wedding cake trends 2017

Truck Cake





South Carolina Wedding Cakes


Wedding2384933 - Copy


South Carolina Wedding Cakes

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Craftsy: Free Cake Decorating Classes












I am enjoying my direction in teaching cake decorating classes both live and online.

Fondant Cake Decorating Online class

Begins on January 7th

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Cake prices start between $6-$7 per serving depending on style and Design. Some cakes take much longer to create than others. I’d have to say my Favorite orders are when clients give me a general idea of what they would like but say, ” You do whatever you like”. Me having total creative design is just the Best! I don’t mind trying to recreate an image of a cake, however it’s nowhere near as fun- and how can it truly be a Custom Cake if I’m doing one based on someone else’s..

For Local Clients please feel free to call me 864-978-4901 



 Email me at –> wendyscakes4u@gmail.com



Local TV Live Interview on Studio 62


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