Cake Stacking & Safety 

Here is a very simple way to help avoid a potential cake fail.

As many of us know, delivering a multi-tiered cake can be very stressful. We work so hard on our cake designs and face the ultimate stressful moment of getting it to it’s location safe, in once piece and most of all still standing!. Yes we’ve all heard, read or have even lived this dreaded situation. I myself can say, it’s one of the biggest nightmares of being a Cake Decorator.  Below you’ll find a very simple, inexpensive way to help avoid a possible cake fail.


There are  many tips, tricks and video’s out there for us to learn from.  I really wanted to just touch base quick on a couple reasons why I think that some cakes are not making it safely to their destinations.  One very important tip and the first I will mention is to make sure you have a solid foam base, or a base that is dense enough to insert support into. I myself have not used cake drums, but if those are nice and dense they will work to great.  Another factor in making sure your cake is sturdy is going to be your cake boards, ( the ones inside your cake) Regular cardboard cake boards collect moisture, or grease from our icings. When you factor in a just these two simple fixes you’ll see how easily and inexpensive these  two simple fixes can be, and  you’ll always have a successful delivery- or pick up orders from your clients getting their cakes home safe.
Below is a video link that explains step by step exactly what I am describing for you.

Tips for Stacking & successful Deliveries 


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