Custom Chevy Truck Cake

Creating this Chevy Truck Cake was so much fun! I can say it was a tad bit stressful because I’d never attempted making a cake with this much detail before, so I was not positive on what steps I should take first. I did know that I was going to sculpt the truck shape, then fill it and ganache it. After that I was going to cover it in fondant then work on the details.  The most tricky part for me was actually doing the sculpting. I wanted to be sure that I had the most accurate shape “Truck” before I added the ganache. At the last minute my husband came up with the template idea and all I can say is Wow, He actually googled the dimensions  of the year and model of the truck of the client actual truck, then reduced the measurements to create the exact truck just in a smaller size— Yeah Carl!! ^.^

Below you can watch the video of my getting just the sculpting done on this cake. The rest is up to you guys. Details for each truck are different but you and definitely get a great Pick up Truck using our template if you need to.


To order this Pick up Truck Template
just $15.00+shipping please email me at

We’ll mail in out next day

For the base of the Truck we used a wooden block to set the cake onto, This way when I sat the cake on top of that, there would be elevation so when I added the tires they would look like the truck was actually sitting on tires. Ps, make the tires using gumpaste and do them at least a day in advance so they can really dry well, then airbrush or paint them black.  ( also make sure you secure your cake to the Block).

After I added the fondant I just gave it a light airbrush to do my best to match the color of our clients truck, then added the finishing details. The lights were super easy just LED Lights and I added hand pulled Isomalt in the shape of elongated rectangles then placed those over the led lights.


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