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Building your support for this style cake is very important. You’ll want it to be extra sturdy for support & have it centered weight wise on the metal pole (not to high) to avoid it from rocking to much from side to side. Unfortunately we did not measure exactly where we placed the washers and nuts, so my best advice would be to put something a bit on the heavy side on top and wiggle around your board to see if your support moves to much, if it does just lower your washer some and try it again.
Once you find the right placing tighten your board there.
I used an 8″ round 1/4 wooden board & some foam board from our local hardware store. The cake never touches the foam but you definitely need something to sink your dowels into-to hold your cake on the board. I also hot glued mine for extra support.
1901995_10204527885057941_1331580642018685221_n - Copy

Next I did my board and the wafer paper doily, you don’t have to do this part first. It’s totally optional but it’s nice to have it set up a bit.

Next I hot glued the lights under the board.
I have the lights linked for you here

10361414_10204527884697932_4964465153244759528_n 10592862_10204527884337923_2516721292556585450_n   Next add your cakes, torte, fill, frost and shape   add your dowels for your support and chill 11430341_10204528143184394_5598260453526683908_n11539618_10204528142704382_7082165672971621519_n    Next step is to cover all in fondant.    11205532_10204528144384424_2206627086383692282_nThen add your trim   10363386_10204528521633855_589821963088425296_n   Next is the painting process. You can use a templet, or hand paint on your design. You can also use cutters as guides to use for impressions onto your cake to help guide you and fill your space. I used Wilton Gel color mixed with small amounts of vodka. Having an image handy to help guide you is very helpful.   10488238_10204528521913862_2846893139003253159_n 10436667_10204528522393874_7412319656244354823_n   11429915_10204528961284846_671328408219318928_n (1)11012455_10204529443576903_4876556076173106392_n11202566_10204529444336922_5536837584367032706_n

I completed this design by adding a gumpaste tea cup and fondant beads & a candy melt broach

11205591_10204529822466375_6798432743846401299_n 11039206_10204529822986388_7639151621568507900_n 11027932_10204529823866410_7875007644819590434_n 11011992_10204529822146367_2201388518770230051_n

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