Simple Tutorial on how to create an edible bow using wafer paper.

I used Wafer Paper for the bows on this baby shower cake. I added a small one on the cake then made a few larger ones airbrushed

in matching shades of the cake and added them to the large base for more decorative look to the over all Cake.


Wafer Paper is super easy to work with. It’s light, sturdy, pliable and edible. There are so many things you can do using wafer paper. Create Flowers, decorative edging & boarders, add accent’s and more… Wafer paper comes is so many colors to, and you can air brush it. Grab it easily off the internet to.. I buy them bundles at a time. It’s very affordable and perfect in a rush for decorating.


Below you can watch as I create a Wafer Paper Bow for you. You’ll just need some Wafer Paper, scissors and a little water with a brush to adhere it together.  I’ve used this so many times, I can’t even tell you how awesome it is, and for the Holiday’s its a fabulous way to add some cheer to any of your cake designs, even cake pops. Hope you enjoy!!! If you do please give this a share.

Watch Here ( no sound was added to the video)


Buy Wafer Paper to create this project  

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