Today we can find a huge selection of Cake Decorating molds. They come in every form, shape, design imaginable, we can even find the supplies to make them ourselves. Molds are a Cake Decorators secret, they add flair, texture and that Awe factor to our designs- when people look at our creations they are amazed and wonder how we ever made that! Molds are one of the best tools we as Cake Decorators can have- we use them with fondant, gumpaste, chocolate, and anything else we as designers can think of to push the boundaries in creativeness.. styling a new design no one has done yet-
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Marvelous Molds specializes in making silicone molds that represent a true innovation in silicone mold design. The company was founded by Chef Dominic Palazzolo who has spent many years supplying chefs, cake decorators, scientists, artists and hobbyists with silicone mold making materials that they can use to make their own custom molds. His mold making supply company can be found at 


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Me working with Damask Mold pattern Video Click here…

Blossom Dream Cakes

Isoldas Custom Cake Design - damask

KakesbyKaren Pleats Giza

Majestic tiara 2

Marina Sousa Bling Squared

Marina Sousa Unity Regal Cosmo

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Create your Own molds with this Amazing Reusable Mold Product by ComposiMold

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