One of the newest and most requested cake decorating styles Today is the Chalkboard Cake. This amazing new technique gives such a fantastic finished look to any cake however, Wedding Cakes seem to be the #1 request.


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This Style of Cake Decorating is so versatile & elegant. You can adorn the cake with sugar flowers, broaches or any other accessory of your liking or even leave it plain- This style gives you that Wow factor and will leave your guests amazed.

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Elizabeth Marek Instructor of Rustic Wedding Cake Trends



Rustic and Sweet: How To Make an Edible Chalkboard Cake Topper



Cakes Decor Member 

Learning and providing this Cake Decorating design will put you and your business on the top in the latest cake decorating trends. Being able to offer to your clients techniques that no one else in your areas is doing will keep them talking and coming back again and again!!!

Rustic Wedding Cake Trends Course


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