Fantastic, Stunning, Amazing, Speechless are just a few of the words for these amazing Sugar Eggs entries at this years  competition at Cake International – The Sugarcraft, Cake Decorating & Baking Show at Cake Internationale going on March 27-29th in ExCel. London. features some of the top names in cake decorating from their Star Guests including Paul Bradford, Will Torrent, Eddie Spence MBE, Mich Turner MBE, Martha Collison. 


Also some of the top exhibitors such including  Cake Masters Magazine, Cake Lace as dist by CDC, The Airbrush Company Ltd, Marvelous Molds as dist by CDC, Satin Ice, The Mat as Distributed by CDC,  Dinkydoodle Designs as Distributed by CD, Artista Soft Distributors just to name a few. 

The Competition classes included

Such Talented, Creative, Impressive Designs and many more are all posted on cakeinternational if you’d like

to check them out. I wanted to just share some of the Sugar Eggs entries with you with Easter being next weekend, and because I thought they were just Fantastic!!! Hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I did.  

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Photographer credits: Gavin Photography & Keith Bell

Special Thanks to Cake Masters Magazine for letting us share these Wonderful Photo’s.

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